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About Import Tool

Experience. Innovation. Focus. For more than 50 years, Import Tool has been a leader in providing liner tool completions, stage cementing tools and inner string cementing services to Canadian oil and gas companies who demand the best. Liners and stage tools were the crux of our company in 1952 and remain so today. This dedicated focus has made Import Tool No. 1 in its field, with more volume and better execution than anybody else. Period. It has led us to world-class projects from coast to coast.

Customer service is our top priority. Our skilled technical team works closely with every client to ensure they get the right tools and solutions for their individual needs and challenges — a ‘one size fits all’ approach is not in our vocabulary. With robust and well-designed tools, installations systems and techniques, not to mention ISO-certified quality and a long-standing COR safety program, Import Tool brings unique expertise to every job. Import Tool completes each job ‘as per program’ with the highest level of standards. Our work may go unnoticed but the satisfaction of our customers does not.

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