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Industry leader for over 70 years

Backed by experience and fueled by innovation, Import Tool has been a leader in the Canadian Oil and Gas industry for over 70 years. Initially specializing in Liner Hangers and Casing Accessories, our Western Canadian business has evolved to encompass Liner Hanger and Liner Top Completions, Thermal Completions (Heavy Oil), Stage Cementing Tools, ECPs, and Casing Accessories. 

Import Tool has over 30 years of experience in Heavy Oil operations, including SAGD and CSS recovery and remains a leader in this field. Our Debris Seal Liner Top Packers (DSP) have been instrumental in delivering effective sand control solutions across both thermal and non-thermal applications within the Canadian heavy oil sector. With a remarkable track record of over 12,000 successful completions, our DSP technology has an unmatched history of longevity and success. 

More recently, since 1997, our Eastern Canadian Offshore business has built an extensive execution history in Liner Hangers, Wellbore Cleanout, Completion Services, Wellbore Intervention, Unplanned Fishing, Whipstocks, Casing Cut and Pull (Slot Recovery) and Casing Accessories. Our unmatched service and proven record of accomplishment have granted us the privilege of becoming a trusted partner to oil and gas producers in Canada and major E&P’s from around the world.

Our attention to detail and best in class customer service has brought us to the table for numerous world-class projects across Canada, and we are now reaching beyond our borders with product sales into select international markets.

What sets us apart is not only our extensive experience but also our responsiveness in solving problems through engineering innovative solutions. We work closely with our customers, collaborating to develop custom strategies that meet their unique needs. Our dedication to continuous improvement and customer-centric solutions remains unwavering and explains why we have stood the test of time since 1952.