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Cement Filled Float Equipment

Standard Valve Float Shoes and Float Collars prevent back-flow while deploying casing to bottom. Our standard, cement filled float equipment features a plunger type valve fabricated from high polymer plastic. The valves are engineered to have a large flow area to minimize erosion due to abrasive fluids and high flow rates which combat high down-hole temperatures and pressures due to hydrostatic and differential fluid columns. 

Standard Float Equipment is available in sizes 114.3 mm - 508.0 mm (4-1/2” – 20”).


-        Easily drilled out with conventional or PDC bits

-        Reliable polymer plunger valve with high flow rate

-        34.47 MPa (5,000 psi) pressure rating

-        Tested and rated in compliance with API required specs



-        Single or double valve

-        Rounded concrete nose

-        Lug nose

-        Eccentric nose

-        Needle nose

-        Up jets / down jets


High Pressure / High Temperature (HPHT) Equipment

HPHT Float Equipment is made for casing strings with high fracturing pressures and high annular pressures up to 68.95 MPa (10,000 psi). HPHT Float Equipment is designed with a high strength, aluminum plunger valve that is threaded into the body of the float and consists of sealing elements around the valve housing to prevent leak paths.  


-        Integrated latch-down plug receiver

-        Matching plugs rated up to 103.42 MPa (15,000 psi) bump pressure

-        Rated for temperatures up to 204 °C (400 °F)



-        Single or double valve

-        Lug nose

-        Eccentric nose

-        Needle nose

-        Up jets / down jets


Reamer Shoe

A Reamer Shoe is designed to ensure the safe passage of casing, liner, and screen applications when encountering ledges, swelling shale, mud cake build-up, sand bridges and washed-out pockets occurring in the wellbore. 


-        High strength aluminum eccentric guide nose

-        Flow ports provide a 360° flow area

-        Rigid, clusterite stabilizer blades offer aggressive reaming action and improve casing standoff

-        Single, double, and auto-fill valve option

-        34.47 MPa (5,000 psi) and 68.95 MPa (10,000 psi) rated


Anti-Rotation Float / Plug System

The Anti-Rotation System is designed with an interlocking plug and receiver mechanism to prevent plug rotation during drill-out. The float collar receiver and top and bottom plugs are manufactured with reinforced interlocking hook-type teeth that allow for easy engagement upon plug bump. 


-        Speed up shoe track / wiper plug drill-out process

-        Interlocking teeth prevents disengagement from pressure below

-        Plug receiver cemented into float above plunger valve


Auto-Fill Float Equipment

Auto-Fill Float Equipment permits the casing to fill automatically up to 90% while running in to target depth. The self-filling action is designed to lower surge pressures on the formation while running casing. Casing can be circulated at any given time without affecting the fill-up operation, assuring that the setting ball has not been dropped. 


-        Reduce surge pressure when running to target depth

-        Ball drop system to release the flapper valve to stop back flow


Differential-Fill Float Equipment

Differential-Fill Float Equipment allows fluid to be metered into the casing string while being lowered setting depth. It allows the casing string to be filled to approximately 85% of casing volume before the differential actuated flapper valves close off upward flow into the casing string. When more than one valve is run in the string, it allows the casing to be filled to 81% of the casing volume. 


-        Prevent surge pressures

-        Reduce casing run time


Guide Shoe

The Guide Shoe offers a simple and economical solution to lead casing into the well bore. The Guide Shoe directs the casing towards the center of the hole by reducing hang ups and hole problems associated with rock ledges or washouts.


-        Tapered nose profile to aid liner to bottom

-        Aluminum nose for easy drill-out

-        Many nose styles available


Cementing Wiper Plugs

Import Tool provides a wide range of standard conventional and high pressure, high temperature casing wiper plugs for every specific casing string requirement. A built-in receiver in the bottom casing wiper plug allows multiple plugs to stack together providing different plug lengths when required. 


Standard Casing Wiper Plugs 

-        Provides proper casing wiping and sealing for conventional cementing operations

-        Max bump pressure up to 34.47 MPa (5,000 psi)

-        Max service temperature rating of 100 °C (212 °F)

-        High temperature HNBR material is available for 177 °C (350 °F)

-        PDC drillable


Latch-Down Casing Wiper Plugs 

-        Allow for fluid separation and additional casing wiping ability

-        Commonly used to wipe completion strings

-        Utilizes a ratchet ring and receiver to allow multiple plugs to be run

-        The bottom plug rupture disk option available


HPHT Latch Down Casing Wiper Plugs 

-        Standard and combination (tapered) sizes

-        Bump pressure rating to 68.95 MPa (10,000 psi)

-        103.42 MPa (15,000 psi) option available when used in with Import Tool's 15K HP Landing collar

-        Max temperature of 177 °C (350 °F)